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Q: How much do you charge?
A: There are many variables that determine my fee for a performance. (i.e., season, availability, location of event, number of guests, required duration of performance, time of day, etc. Since all of the above are taken into consideration before giving a quote, and each event is unique, it is impossible to state a fee on this page.

Q: Do you use pre-recorded backing tracks or sequences?
A: I do not use any pre-recorded backing tracks or sequences. I am an accomplished vocalist and musician, not a Karaoke show. However, I do sometimes employ the use of a drum machine and a "looping device" whereby I perform certain parts of various songs "live", and then perform other parts simultaneously to give a fuller, richer sound. This is particularly effective later in the evening when the dinner or cocktail hour has passed and your guests may be feeling a bit more lively and energetic.

Q: Do you work only as a soloist, or are you able to work as a duo, trio, etc.?
A: Upon request, (based on availability) I am able to hire other musicians to work with me, such as a flute player, additional guitarist, keyboardist, percussionist, etc. The energy of two musicians combined is desirable with larger audiences and can offer a more diverse mix of music, and can often be very exciting from a visual perspective.

Q: Are you able/willing to learn material that is not already on your song list for a particular event, such as a wedding ceremony, etc.?
A: Depending on my schedule, difficulty of the requested song, and given there is enough time to learn the piece, I may be able to learn material specifically for your event. Naturally, extra generosity on the part of the buyer is always an incentive to learn specific requests.

Q: What types of music do you perform?
A: I am extremely versatile. I am very comfortable performing genres in jazz, blues, R&B, soft rock, folk, etc. Please see my song list page for my current material and various artists that I cover. I also perform original material that I have written.

Q: Do you have any special requirements that the buyer should be aware of?
A: Yes, but nothing out of the ordinary. The following terms should be adhered to:

To power my equipment, I use standard U.S.  household 110 V power. However, the circuit (min. of 20 amps) should be dedicated for my use only, and no other appliances of any kind should be running on the same circuit. Failure to provide me with a dedicated circuit could result in power failure, damage to my equipment, and ultimately lead to a failed event.

If I am to perform outdoors, I must have a durable covering, such as a tent, roof, large awning, etc. This applies even if no rain is forecasted. The reason for such a covering is to protect myself and my equipment from direct sunlight, dew, possible rain, etc. If the temperature falls below 60 degrees F. or exceeds 90 degrees F, or winds above 15 m.p.h., I am unable to perform outdoors. 

If your event is formal, there should be an area where I can comfortably change my attire prior to my performance.

If the performance area is located more than 50 feet from the available load-in area, I will require one person to assist me with loading and unloading my vehicle.

Optimally, I need a space of no less than 10' x 10 to set up my equipment.

Q: Aside from your booking fee, do you expect any certain type of hospitality from the buyer?

A: It is customary to provide entertainers with beverages (at the very least bottled water), and a small meal/snack.   This type of hospitality  generally  promotes a "feel-good" factor  for  most  Artist's. 

Q: What happens if my event is scheduled for outdoors and has to be cancelled due to rain?
A: My engagements are not contingent upon weather. When planning an outdoor event, reasonable contingency plans should be considered by the buyer for an alternate location, in case of rain. If hazardous weather is forecast for the area, I reserve the right to decline performance outside. Additionally, if there is audible thunder or lightning present (with or without the presence of rain), I will not perform outdoors, because of safety reasons. If I have already set-up my equipment, and inclement weather begins after a performance, I reserve the right to cease the performance. Any terms of payment will apply, regardless of weather conditions.

Q: If I'm unable to make a commitment right away, can you hold a date for me?
A: As much as I'd like to say: "Yes"... I'm unable to hold dates open. This is especially true for the months of mid-November through mid-January and April through September. Once a mutual commitment is made and a deposit is secured, however; you can rest assured that I WILL be there for your event.

Q: I like your sound. I want to book you for my event!  Now what?
A:  Simply email me and we will get the process started right away!

Q: How can I find out more about Sabra Callas?

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