I was born into a family of musicians, the aroma of excellent food cooking, wine at every meal where passionate conversations took place and that is where I learned to shoot from the hip.
I believe in honesty, hard work and Love!

Honesty is the foundation for any successful relationship.

The bar keeps getting higher, but so does my ability to jump over the hurdle.


I Enjoy: Cooking, Laughing, Exercise, Great Wine, Superb Food, Good Conversation, Creating things with my hands, A hammock in a tropical paradise

I Value: Real Honesty,  Intimacy, Fresh Air, Common Sense, Openness, My Artistic Side, My Heritage

I Cherish: My son, My health, Opportunity, Sunshine, Feather Pillows, God

I need: Love, Sunshine, Hugs, Health, the Holy Spirit

My favorite color:Purple

My favorite insect: Dragon Fly

My favorite shape: Heart

My favorite equation: x=mc (squared)

My favorite animal: Love them all!

​My favorite beverage: wine (well, water really..  but I do like a good wine on occasion)

Favorite food: anything ethnic..  My taste buds are the platform for a food symphony....  bring it on!

Favorite place: St. Kitts, WI

Favorite restaurant: Spratt Net (a local joint in St. Ktts, WI) .. the best lobster in the UNIVERSE!

Favorite Living Musician: Stevie Wonder

I inherited my artistic bent from my father.  You can find him HERE

I received my first guitar as a Christmas gift in 1968. My father made an audio recording of me opening the gift.  This was recorded on a reel-to-reel tape. After my father's passing, I was cleaning out his house and found the reel-to-reel tape. It was clearly labeled, "Sabra opening her first guitar". I had no way of listening to the tape, so I took it to a local place where they have vintage audio stuff and they were able to transfer it to an mp3.  Here is the actual recording.  Ok.  Don't laugh at my southern accent.

Personal Stuff - Sabra Callas

Sabra Callas
​Circa 1968